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Rock on With New High Tech Marine Stereos!

What are marine stereos? They are exactly what you’re thinking-entertainment stereos that can work on a boat or cruise ship. These stereos are actually known to give longer life and better performance in a wet environment and are more reliable than traditional vehicular radios. The most important factor in the creation of marine stereos is that the product must be able to withstand lots of moisture and salt air, not to mention UV ray protection. Take an ordinary stereo out to sea and it might not last long! Marine stereos, on the other hand, are created for marine living.

Most stereos run off a 12 volt DC marine or car battery and may include a power amplifier made possible by separate channels of power output. However, you may be surprised to know that’s not power that makes or breaks the stereo (or that hikes up the price) it is actually the list of the unit’s features that make some stereos very expensive. What features do the best marine stereos offer?

First and foremost, you have waterproof as well as weatherproof equipment. What is the difference? Aren’t they the same thing? While all boat stereos are built to be used aboard ships and vessels, waterproof stereos takes protection a little bit further. Weather resistant stereos go through a poly coating process that will eventually prevent corrosion even in a humid surrounding. The term weather-resistant also implies that marine stereos have been treated to fend off UV rays. Waterproof units are actually built so that they can survive a dousing of heavy water and not be affected. For example, faceplates may have a sealed gasket that prevents water from entering delicate areas of the system. All other fragile areas are waterproofed. Keep in mind this doesn’t mean that the system works while submersed under water! There may still be areas that are open to water entry which may then travel to more important channels.

Other notable features for marine stereos include wireless remotes that can be used to activate the system or change songs. One of the newest high-tech features to be added on to boat stereos is that of auxiliary inputs. That means that a person can play iPod songs, MP3s, DVDs or even satellite radio channels in addition to CDs and local radio stations. Not all stereos have the ability to play MP3 files on a CD; many will only play CDRs. Therefore, having all of these extra auxiliary inputs guarantees that the boater will be able to hear any type of music desired. The CD changer control is another popular function included with newer models.

If you want to be able to hear all of your favorite songs while out at sea, either boating individually or on a cruise liner, then consider buying a weatherproof, waterproof marine stereo system. These marine stereos provide you with just as many options as a home entertainment system would allow you. More information on marine stereo systems can be found online.