Preparation Prior to Starting Development of the Presentation

When a marketer gets a request for developing a presentation, this is what he/she should be asking. You can treat this as a briefing questionnaire prior to the start of the development.


  • What is the objective of the PPT?
  • Why is it needed and whats the benefit?


  • Who are the intended audience for the presentation?
  • What are their designation?
  • Which departments do they manage and what are their locations?


  • How will it be used – is it for public use or is it for a specific confined audience?
  • Will this be presented in a conference/published online/presented to leads or prospects or customers or some other audience?


  • How much time do you have for the presentation?
  • What is the format of the presentation – will it include a question and answer session or any specific introductions/agenda that needs to be included?


  • Is there any legal compliance surrounding the development?
  • Logos to be used in the PPT? Have they been approved or is it available public?
  • Quotes to be used and its approval?
  • Mentions of projects/ customers/ any other facts that needs review and approval
  • Attachments that needs to be inserted and relevant approval on it
  • Any other assets that needs explicit approval?

Brand representation

  • Is the presentation solely developed in-house and will only represent your brand / one or multiple brands belonging to same group/ will it be a joint effort with some company or speaker from other company?


  • Has the narrative draft been prepared?
  • Who is responsible for giving the raw content?
  • Names of the subject matter experts who will give the content?


  • What are the design consideration?
  • Any preferences on formats/ animations/ color usage/ typography and so on?
  • Does it needs to be presented or will it be supported by background narrative which will be timed?


  • Who will be driving the development of the PPT – process owner/coordinator?
  • Who will review the content, including the logos and other legal assets used?
  • Who will approve the design?
  • Who will approve the entire PPT?
  • Who are the contacts to be kept in loop at each process?


  • Is there any notes/script that needs to be prepared along with the PPT?
  • Any handouts to be given? Any other collateral to be given and in which format (soft copy/hard copy)?

Distribution/ Communication/ Social

  • Post development circulation of the deck – in case the PPT needs to be circulated to teams or kept in a central location with limited or public access – this needs to be clarified
  • Who are to be communicated and given what kind of access to the deck?
  • Central location where the asset is stored – for authorized marketers to pick up and edit in the future if need be?
  • On which social channels should it be distributed?
  • Should there be a mail communication around the completion of the deck – if yes, then to whom?
  • If the deck (non-editable version of the deck) needs to be embedded in a mail campaign or the portion of the content needs to be used in a campaign – it needs to clarified and relevant team needs to be kept in loop for the same.